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Open letter from John Burrud

The late Atonin Scalia
Hi everyone,                                            
I try not to get too engaged in politics in these open letters, but this election more than any other will have a direct impact on our 2 Amendment rights. Simply put, our very constitution is at stake. The next president will be responsible for electing the Supreme Court judge Antonin Scalia’s replacement. Scalia was well known for his stance on the second amendment and protecting our INDIVIDUAL right to keep and bear arms. Because of the age of several other justices, the new president during their term will most likely select at least 2-3 additional Supreme Court justices! If we do not get a strong pro-Second Amendment judge, we will lose this right forever. This is no “right wing” conspiracy theory, but simply a fact! One candidate has already gone on the record that they’d like to enact Australia’s massive gun ban. It’s absolutely critical that we must get out the gun vote! In the meantime, follow our Jensen Arms motto, “Arm, Fight, Survive.” Get prepared and stay prepared. There have been ever increasing attacks from terrorists, radicals, and cop killers in our country and unfortunately I don’t see any end in sight. As my Dad used to say, “Son, you can never have too many guns or too much ammo” and I just want all of you to know that Jensen Arms is here to fill that need!!! 
John Burrud
Owner of Jensen Arms
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Janie Wise - Google Reviews ★★★★★
If you want a genuinely good, well stocked, well priced, gun store, with knowledgable staff, this is your place. I have nothing but great things to say about this place, and will continue shopping there until either I, or it, is gone!
Ryan Ledbetter - Google Reviews ★★★★★

I've had nothing but great experiences there.  Twice recently I stopped in when it was super busy.  Several employees stepped away from their other customers momentarily to make sure I had been helped.  Last week, one of the pistols I bought had a small problem (it was the manufacturer's fault), so I took it back and they fixed it on the spot for free- despite the fact that they were busy.  This is definitely my go-to shop from now on!
Njal Thorgeirsson - Google Reviews ★★★★★

Amazing and honest people.  I had been on the hunt for a Kel Tec Sub2000 rifle which can be very difficult to find.  I found Jensen online and asked if they contact me when they get more in stock.  True to their word, I got a call once they got one in stock.  

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