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Open letter from John Burrud, the owner of Jensen Arms, 

On Monday September 28th I was joined by our attorney Marc Colin at Bruno, Colin & Lowe, P.C., David Kopel of the Independent Institute, several other attorneys and other plaintiffs, including about 50 Colorado Sheriffs in the 10th District Court of Appeals to continue our fight to preserve our sacred 2nd amendment rights! Since this court date and the following TV report on CBS, we've gotten hundreds of requests asking how people can help us fight this ongoing battle. Fortunately the National Rifle Association (NRA) and National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) both saw the merits of our lawsuit , and have been paying for all of the legal costs associated with this lawsuit. This means that Jensen Arms is no longer footing the legal bill for this costly fight. However, you can certainly help the cause by continuing to support Jensen Arms with your business. You should be pro-active and call or write letters to your state politicians letting them know how you feel about these threats to our 2nd amendment rights. Finally, you can support the fine work that our sheriff's provide our communities on a daily basis by letting them know that you appreciate all that they do. These men took their valuable time to come join me and others at the courthouse and show solidarity for our cause! Here at Jensen Arms we don't just talk about our constitutional freedoms we actually "Walk the Walk" and actively fight for your 2nd amendment rights!!! Thanks for all that you do to help the cause and stand united against those that would chip away at our freedoms. 

John Burrud 9/30/2015

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Janie Wise - Google Reviews ★★★★★
NEVER had a bad experience with anyone at Jensen. I live in Denver, and make the commute to Jensen in Loveland to purchase anything firearm related. That's how good I feel their selection, service and price is. I'll also happily admit I'm new to firearms, and the staff are well aware of this fact, and happily take the time to help me make the right purchase. 
If you want a genuinely good, well stocked, well priced, gun store, with knowledgable staff, this is your place. I have nothing but great things to say about this place, and will continue shopping there until either I, or it, is gone!

Ryan Ledbetter - Google Reviews ★★★★★
I went in for my first time. Talked to an employee for awhile and ended up with an AR build. All the employees were helpful and made the visit fun and easy.

Katie AR - Google Reviews ★★★★★
I've had nothing but great experiences there.  Twice recently I stopped in when it was super busy.  Several employees stepped away from their other customers momentarily to make sure I had been helped.  Last week, one of the pistols I bought had a small problem (it was the manufacturer's fault), so I took it back and they fixed it on the spot for free- despite the fact that they were busy.  This is definitely my go-to shop from now on!

Njal Thorgeirsson - Google Reviews ★★★★★
I've purchased at least 5 firearms form them over the past 5 years or so that I've visited them. They are consistently busy on the weekends, but they'll probably only have a few people in during work hours on weekdays. While they don't usually like to casually chat about guns (especially when they are busy), they are knowledgeable and they can almost always answer your questions, and give you well-reasoned objective advice. They have a good inventory on tactical-type weapons, but they are also willing to special order you any firearm you might want. The prices are the absolute best- They special ordered me a new pistol for a full $100 less than any other place I'd visited. They also haven't raised their AR and AK prices since the panic. Additionally, they have a great inventory of magazines and ammunition. 

Rene R. - Google Reviews ★★★★★
Amazing and honest people.  I had been on the hunt for a Kel Tec Sub2000 rifle which can be very difficult to find.  I found Jensen online and asked if they contact me when they get more in stock.  True to their word, I got a call once they got one in stock.  
The customer service is second to none.  Quick and fast responses to all my questions I sent via email.  If I got such great service from them all the way out here in California, I could only imagine the personal face to face service the lucky people of Loveland receive.

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